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I grew up in an extremely competitive family environment and developed a real interest in cars. They tell me that car was my first spoken word. So it is not surprising that my competitive interests gravitated towards auto racing. A good friend, Tom Hewitt invited me to experience an autocross sponsored by the Corvette Club of Baltimore. A ride in a Corvette driven by a wild woman left me with white knuckles and a great desire to join in on the fun. That was in 1972.

My car at the time was a 1971 Datsun 240Z. What a learning curve this was going to be. From the very beginning I was mid pack in D/S. Guys named Dewitt Boyd, Ian Fosler, Rich George and Don Sparr were kicking my butt. I figured out some of the tricks they were using but finally had to take the car modified to win FTD.

In 1973 I bought a 1968 Corvette and joined the Corvette Club of Baltimore. The Corvette and I were made for each other. I won numerous BASCC B/S Championships, SCCY A/S championships, MDSCC Wintercross Series in B/P. In 1975 I ran a Hawke DL2A Formula Ford and won A/M. I then built a B/M Corvette and had success. A 1974 Corvette was added. I married my wife Nancy, in 1979 (we met at an autocross), and we raced for a couple more years together and then I went into retirement.

In 1990 the bug to race was once again rearing its head. I made the decision to build a Formula Ford for autocross. I bought a bare 1984 Reynard frame and had International Racing build a car to my specifications for a C/M car. I campaigned the car in the Susquehanna Autocross Series in Harrisburg, Pa. and the Washington, DC Series winning C/M Championships in both series. I've also run the Pennsylvania State Championships winning in 1996, 1998 and 2003. I then started to run the National Tour Series in 1996 and attended the National Solo Championships in Topeka, KS for the next 8 years (I never obtained the results that I strived for but what a learning experience). I ran Pro Solo for a couple years and finished 2nd and 3rd Nationally at the Pro Solo Championships. There had to be something more.

In 2005 I took my Reynard Hill Climbing with great success, winning the PA Hillclimbing Association Formula Ford Championship and setting a new FF Hill Record at Rose Valley. The hills are wildly exciting, extremely intimidating and provide the chance to spend a weekend with a lot of wonderful racers.

In 2006 we started campaigning a 2000 Prince PR01 built by Pat Prince and road raced by Roger Cook. They racked up 15 National wins and the SCCA South East DSR Championship.

After a shaky start and a steep learning curve we started making our presence known. DSR Class Champion in 2006, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2013. CSR Class Champion 2007 and 2008. P2 Class Champion in 2015. We were also overall point champion in 2010 and 2011. Along the way we took three FTDs, set many class records and in 2013 we were honored to receive the PHA Outstanding Achievement Award.

In late 2015 we took delivery of a new car developed by champion hillclimber George Bowland. A beautiful 1994 Omni Fab Cheetah SR1. Powered by an Arctic Cat 800cc 2 stroke snowmobile engine. 2016 has just ended and our first full year with the Cheetah has been fruitful. We managed to win the overall Special 1 Class, took two FTDs (Weatherly and Polish Mountain) and set a new S1 class record at Shenandoah. Looking forward to 2017.


Check the Event Results to see how I'm doing.

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